Bossier Parish Medium Security Facility

Bossier Parish Medium Security Facility, Louisiana

The New Orleans Field Office no longer houses ICE detainees.


The Bossier Parish Medium Security Facility. (Photo courtesy Google Maps)

View all ICE detention facilities.

ICE ERO facilities where you can post a bond.

For general detainee related questions, call the ICE ERO Information Line: (888) 351-4024 

Call now to bond out an ICE detainee: (844) 910-2342

Louisiana ICE Detention Facilities

Not every ICE detention facility allows you to post an immigration bond in Louisiana. If you would like to post an immigration bond it must be done at an ICE-ERO facility that accepts immigration bonds.

You can post an immigration bond through a licensed immigration bonding agent. That agent can post a bond for you electronically for any detention facility in Louisiana and around the US.

Video transcript: There are currently 137 ICE detention centers across the United States. A facility locator can be found at the Center for Immigration Assistance website at There is a state by state map that links directly to each state’s facility. On the site you will find useful information regarding everything from the ICE facility’s physical address and parking information to visiting hours and immigration bond information.

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